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What Makes Coinbase a Safe Exchange and App in 2018?

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It’s been 6 years since the cryptocurrency trading platform Coinbase was established, and in that time they have managed to rack up an impressive 10 million users, and have traded more than $50 billion. That in itself tells a story of its own. Different from its competition, Coinbase offers its users the opportunity to trade digital currencies at a set price, based on their market value, allowing users to make faster purchases that other cryptocurrency exchanges. This is just one of the Coinbase features that have made them one of the most popular and used platforms on the web today. But just is Coinbase safe in 2018?

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Find out if Coinbase is a safe exchange for bitcoin

Security Measures

When it comes to securing their users’ data, the Coinbase app uses multiple layers of protection, starting with the storage of their users personal and sensitive data done on an offline server. The disconnection from the internet protects this sensitive information from the threat of hackers. As an additional security measure, Coinbase splits this information with redundancy, and is encrypted, before being copied onto paper back-ups and USB drives.

These paper back-ups and USB drives, along with 98% of their customers’ funds, are then distributed to various vaults and safe deposit boxes across various geographical locations throughout the world.

As an organization, Coinbase ensures that the people that they employ do not have a history of criminal activity, use strong passwords, enable screen locking on their computers, as well as encrypt the hard drives that they use. In addition to these measures, customers are also required to make use of the two-factor authentication security measure to protect unauthorized entrants from accessing personal accounts.

It is due to the fact that Coinbase operates out of the United States that they are subject to abide by the rules, regulations, and legislation laid down by US State and Federal laws, providing their users with even more safeguards against their untimely loss of funds.

Insurance of Clients’ Funds

The remaining 2% of their users’ funds that are held by Coinbase, and not stored offline, are insured against any cybersecurity attacks, physical theft, and theft by an employee. These insurance policies do not however cover any losses incurred due to a breach of a users’ personal account. It is worth keeping in mind that because digital currencies are not seen as legal tender, they do not have the backing of the government, and as such, are not covered by the Securities Investor Protection Corporation, nor is protection offered by way of the Federal Insurance Deposit Corporation (FDIC).

Insurance is offered to the cash balances that are held by the company. Cash balances that have been stored in the Coinbase wallet that is, although this protection is offered to US residents only. The FDIC covers the cash deposits of US residents for their Coinbase USD Wallet of up to $250,000.

Protecting Yourself when Using Coinbase

One security issue that need to take to heart is the part you play in the protection of your account access information. Sharing your username and pass codes are not recommended, and Coinbase customer support will never ask you for these details. Be aware of the scams that are doing their rounds at the moment, and do not give out your information to anyone. Even if you think you trust them. The additional two-factor authentication provided by Coinbase must be for your eyes only, and does require the use of the Google Authenticator app to be functional. For additional protection, it is suggested that you make use of a Hardware wallet. Something offline and off the Coinbase platform should be more than sufficient.

Is Coinbase safe in 2018? The answer would be resounding yes. With their host of security measures employed and the additional insurance as well as offline storage, Coinbase is one of the safest cryptocurrency trading platforms around today.

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Reasons To Buy The Samsung Galaxy S9

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When you are trying to figure out which phone to purchase, you are going to want to consider a variety of things. For one, you are likely going to be looking at the different high-end phone options that you should be considering. Below, we will be going over some of the main reasons to buy the Samsung Galaxy S9.

Reasons to buy Samsung Galaxy S9

Reasons To Buy The Samsung Galaxy S9:

1. Better Low Light Photos.

If you are someone that takes a lot of pictures at night, you are going to want to be sure to get a phone that is capable of taking excellent quality low light photos. This particular phone happens to be one of the very best at taking low light photos which means you are going to be able to get some great results when it comes to taking high-quality photos in low light conditions.

2. Slow Motion Photos.

Another good reason you might want to consider investing in the new Samsung Galaxy S9 would be due to its capability of taking excellent slow-motion photos. You are going to be able to take some of the highest quality slow motion photos with this particular phone model which means that you will be able to get shots with this phone that you wouldn’t be able to get with others.

3. Fast Processor.

Another reason the S9 is capable of shinning above all other Android phones is that it happens to feature the fastest processor in an Android phone to date. Because it incorporates the Snapdragon 845 which has skyrocketed above all of the other options available on the marketplace in terms of benchmarking and pure power, it is the best phone that you can invest in if you are looking for raw speed.

4. Even Slimmer Bezels.

Another reason you might be looking to consider this particular phone is that it features even slimmer bezels than you might be used to. This means that you are going to get even more screen real estate without having to sacrifice form factor for it. This is something that a lot of people love because slimmer bezels mean that you are going to get more out of it in terms of viewing quality.

5. Stereo Speakers.

Another big reason it stands above even its predecessor is that it incorporates stereo speakers in it. This means that you are going to be able to enjoy some of the highest quality sound speakers that you will be able to find on a phone without having to make the normal sacrifices of having a larger build or without sacrificing screen real estate either.

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Overall, there are plenty of reasons you will want to be sure to invest in a Samsung Galaxy S9. It happens to be the single best phone on the market that you are going to be able to get a lot out of. You will be able to use this phone for years given its specs are not going to be outclassed for a long time.

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Apple iPhone 8 Accessories Info

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So you just purchased an Apple iPhone 8. Now, it’s time to get some accessories to go along with it. You want to be sure to purchase the right iPhone 8 accessories to get the most out of your smartphone and to keep it protected. Luckily, with an Apple iPhone, you have many more options than you might with another smartphone manufacturer in terms of smartphone cases and covers for protection. Not only do you have accessories offered directly with Apple, but you will be able to purchase third-party accessories as well. Below, we will be going over some of the top things to look for when buying them.

Buying Apple iPhone 8 Accessories, Cases and Covers:

1. Quality.

apple logoThe biggest thing that you are likely going to be concerned with is the quality of the accessories. Afterall, you have just spent a lot of money on your new phone. The last thing you want to do is pair your iPhone 8 with low-quality accessories that are not going to do your phone justice. Thus, you should be looking at the materials being used with the iPhone 8 cases and covers in order to ensure that you are getting high-quality products.

2. Consider The Brand.

Another factor that you are going to want to consider when it comes to choosing the best accessories for your phone is the brand. You want to find the best possible brand that is going to offer you the best product. If you are someone that wants to only invest in accessories developed and made by Apple, you will want to look at first party iPhone 8 accessories such as phone cases. However, there are plenty of quality third-party options that you can go with that provide the same quality that Apple delivers with their own accessories. Therefore, you do not necessarily have to purchase accessories that are made by Apple in order to get a high-quality product.

3. Look At Product Reviews.

Another thing that you should look at if you are trying to find the right accessories to purchase for your phone is the reviews that each product has received. Apple iPhone 8 accessoryYou want to try to look at the customer feedback and reviews that each product has in order to get the best possible product. By looking at the reviews of the different iPhone 8 accessories, you should be able to find the best cases, covers, chargers, and earbuds that are going to offer you the best quality at the most affordable price. There are plenty of different ways to find the reviews of the products on the market. You can look at the various marketplaces in order to find the reviews to base your purchasing decision on.

Overall, there are plenty of different things that you can do in order to find the best Apple iPhone 8 accessories, cases, headphones and chargers. By looking at and choosing the accessories that have the best value proposition, you should be able to find accessories that you are content with. Be sure to look at the material makeup of the accessories in question and consider the price to see whether or not you are getting a good value with your purchase.

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